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As mom of two, I know what it's like to be inundated with constant images and blogs of perfectly curated parenting. In an attempt to keep #MomLife real I am sharing the ups and downs of parenting and how I survive it . Filter not included.

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Friday Apr 02, 2021

In this episode, I share a bit more about how I struggled and learned to manage my mental health during the last year and it started with finally acknowledging it and seeking help. 

Friday Mar 26, 2021

Judging people's parenting choices seem to be on the rise and getting pretty vitriolic. A hot button topic that brings out the worst judgement is a sleep training method called cry it out or CIO and I'm gonna talk about it! 

Friday Mar 19, 2021

We've been dealing with COVID for a year and so much has happened that I couldn't even drop an episode! To mark a year since we entered this Global Pandemic I share how it's all affected me and my family, the good, the bad and the mental stress.

Monday Mar 16, 2020

In this episode I share my back to work struggles and admit, I am not ok. I am doing everything I did on Mat Leave and working in between and I can't seem to find my groove.

Wednesday Feb 19, 2020

Going back to work after being on Mat Leave is tough. There are so many emotions and logistics involved, and it changes as you have more children! Here is what I am doing and some tips I got from friends who have already done it.

Saturday Dec 07, 2019

In the spirit of Christmas, I am taking a page from The Sound of Music and I’m sharing my top 5 #MomLife “favourite things”. From diaper bags to teethers I run through the reasons why these are my must-haves.      

Wednesday Nov 27, 2019

The media is so hyper-focused on our post-baby bodies that it is so hard not to buy into what they are selling. The whole notion of "get your body back" after pregnancy is BS for so many of us for many reasons be it exhaustion, genetics or you just don't want to! In this week's episode, I discuss my issues with this push to "get your body back" quickly or at all post-pregnancy and how I deal with the "get your body back" mind trap. 

Wednesday Nov 13, 2019

In this episode, I share some very raw truths about the effects colic had on me and my youngest son and how my family survived it. 

Wednesday Nov 06, 2019

This episode is about how "perfect" moms on social media can make us feel like crap or inspire us and all the other emotions in between; as well as why are we so "judgy".

Wednesday Oct 30, 2019

In the first episode, I talk about the things I do to "keep it together" from embracing the exhaustion to rolling with the punches, I do what I gotta do to make it through the day. 

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